Crowdfunding for Social Good - Pearl, MS

Wednesday, April 24th

We are please to announce the Johnson & Johnson has selected Mississippi as one of only six states in 2019 to host the Crowdfunding for Social Impact training with world re-known Champion of Social Good, Bestselling Author, Educator and Speaker Devin Thorpe. Devin, focuses on those doing good in the world. As a Forbes Contributor, he covers social entrepreneurship and impact investing. Past president of the National Speakers Association Mountainwest Chapter, he shares inspiring insights to help others do more good. His books on personal finance and crowdfunding draw on his entrepreneurial finance experience as an investment banker, CFO, treasurer, and mortgage broker helping people use financial resources to do good. He recognizes blockchain and crypto will change the world. Previously he worked on the U.S. Senate Banking committee staff and earned an MBA at Cornell. You will learn how you can change the world. You can be the spark that's starts a wildfire of positivity and Devin will show you how. Devin has traveled around the world talking to people who've been part of the historic effort to eradicate polio and from that has built a model for making measurable change at scale, starting from the decision to change the world. Doing good requires money. Doing more good requires more money. Devin will tell you how you can raise more money for your organization during this full-day nonprofit training session.