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Our mission is to strengthen the capacity of nonprofits to serve the people and communities of Mississippi. For the thousands of nonprofit organizations across the state, the Center is the primary source of management training, technical information, advice, answers, coaching and connection to vital resources.

2018 July - December Training Calendar

Check out our entire training calendar for July to December 2018.  We are offering a variety of workshops and webinars with an emphasis on fundraising.  To register for any of our training’s, simply go to the “Education” tab on our front page and click on the...

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Two Sides of the Same Coin [Report]

Findings from a survey of nonprofit organizations and philanthropies in the state of Mississippi.

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Starting a Nonprofit -  The Essential Checklist

Helping Leaders Take Their Organizations to the Next Level: This checklist is a guide for individuals looking to start a nonprofit in Mississippi.  Listed are over 20 activities that best encourages successful establishment of a 501c3 nonprofit.

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Getting Government Grants - Jackson

Wednesday, November 28th

Billions of federal grant dollars are awarded to worthy causes each year, but winning grants isn’t easy. Tip the odds in your favor with our government grants seminar, Competing for Federal Grants. During this workshop, you will: Find federal grants opportunities that match your organization’s mission and priorities Examine recent application guidelines and funded proposals to see what works, what doesn’t, and why Develop a work-plan for proposal development and write key proposal sections Write and review concept papers Learn to get a head start on competitions before the funding guidelines are released

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Budget Basics - Jackson

Tuesday, December 4th

A budget is a financial plan that serves as a guide for month-to-month operations, and should be referred to regularly throughout the year. Budgeting is an important management tool for several reasons beyond balancing the books. When developed effectively, a budget allows a nonprofit to focus efforts on activities that achieve short and long-term goals. Also, many determinations made by funding agencies, banks and other financial parties often require review of a nonprofit’s budget. Join us in this class to learn practical applications for developing a budget that can better support and reflect the work of your organization. The following points will be discussed: Projecting income and expenses for program and staff support Balancing and adjusting expenses to align with actual income Developing and presenting a document with a clear financial picture

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Completing IRS Form 990 - Jackson

Tuesday, December 11th

Completing and filing the annual Form 990 with the IRS is a requirement for tax-exempt organizations. It provides important information to both the IRS and the public. The Form 990, Form 990 EZ or Form 990 N provides the IRS with information about your nonprofit's activities and financial status to demonstrate that it continues to meet the qualifications for tax-exemption. It is also reviewed by potential donors and grantors to learn about an organization's mission, programs and finances. This workshop will teach participants how to complete all versions of the IRS Form 990 by detailing the following: Which revenues and expenses to report Fundraising costs to be included Statement of accomplishments Which members of the organization to list How to conduct a board review of your Form 990

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