Capital Area One-Day Nonprofit Training Blowout!

Thursday, April 19th

Capital Area One-Day Nonprofit Training Blowout! Board Roles and Responsibilities 9:00 - Noon Regardless of the size or type of organization, all board members—brand new and seasoned—need to have a clear understanding of the basic roles and responsibilities of serving on a nonprofit board. The training explores best practices and defines what great board members do to strengthen their organizations. Topics covered: Governance/Policies Legal and fiduciary responsibilities Self-evaluation Committees Marketing and PR Communicating and Messaging - Telling Your Story! 1:00 pm - 4:00pm Clarifying Your Message What words do you use when talking about your organization? Every organization needs a succinct, clear message that is used consistently by all members of your group. Topics covered: Shaping your organization's message Identifying target audience and competitors Formation and practice of tagline, elevator speech, and key messages Developing a Communications Strategy The best communication is intentional—not random. Your organization's message is too important to leave to chance, so you need a strategy. Topics covered: Formulating a yearlong communication plan Incorporating traditional and social media Public speaking Community events The facilitator for this workshop is Dan Prater, Instructor of Communication and Director, Center for Nonprofit Leadership at Drury University in Springfield, Missouri. Lunch is provided.