2 Trainings, One Day, One Price!

February 22, 2018

Staying out of Jail: Legal Compliance 101 Challenges presented by legal and financial missteps can quickly derail an organization. Knowing and understanding the regulatory requirements for nonprofit organizations can help you avoid unnecessary troubles. The following topics will be discussed: Complying with legal reporting and filing requirements Understanding the fiduciary obligations of nonprofit boards and staff leaders Establishing evaluations and organizational practices Human Resources and Avoiding Sexual Harassment Smart nonprofits recognize that continually fostering the skills and capabilities of their employees is critical to building a motivated, engaged, high-performing workforce. In this workshop nonprofits and associations will learn to design strategic learning & development programs and opportunities for individuals, teams and entire organizations. Our training solutions focus on developing the competencies and behaviors your employees need to advance your mission and accomplish the goals laid out in your strategic plan. One of the main focuses of this workshop is workplace behavior, including sexual harassment prevention. We've all seen the headlines over the past several months. Sexual harassment in the workplace starts and ends with workplace behavior. Although some workplace behavior is easy to identify as inappropriate, many actions that may appear innocent on the surface can be viewed as incidents of sexual harassment. The most effective way to create a workplace free from sexual harassment is to empower your supervisors and give them the tools they need to identify warning signs and follow proper protocols for prevention.