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Our mission is to strengthen the capacity of nonprofits to serve the people and communities of Mississippi. For the thousands of nonprofit organizations across the state, the Center is the primary source of management training, technical information, advice, answers, coaching and connection to vital resources.

Two Sides of the Same Coin [Report]

Findings from a survey of nonprofit organizations and philanthropies in the state of Mississippi.

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MS State Filing Due Date Changes MEMBER CONTENT

Mississippi State Filing changes that takes effect for nonprofits and other tax filings. New due dates are effective for years starting on or after January 1, 2016, which would be filed in 2017.

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Starting a Nonprofit -  The Essential Checklist

Helping Leaders Take Their Organizations to the Next Level: This checklist is a guide for individuals looking to start a nonprofit in Mississippi.  Listed are over 20 activities that best encourages successful establishment of a 501c3 nonprofit.

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Advanced Grant Proposal Writing

Thursday & Friday, March 22 & 23, 2018

In this two-day workshop, an experienced grant writer will show you how to research and write winning proposals that get funded. You will become proficient in the proposal format use by the vast majority of public foundations and government agencies. Learn what to do and what not to do on your cover sheet, narrative, background page, and your stakeholder and third-party evaluation plan. Discover the quickest and most efficient ways to gather the information you will need to develop your proposal’s attachments, including information on your organization’s structure, administration, and finances. Gain a full understanding of the criteria funders use to determine whether your grant proposal gets funded or rejected. Before this course is over, you will have discovered a number of significant finishing touches that can give your project the edge over others. You will learn about the importance of obtaining community and political support before submitting a proposal to any government agency. This workshop is led by Addie Stover, a prolific grant writer and manager having garnered more than $150 million in total funding. She has provided program and project management for CDBG and HOME programs, as well as other community development programs. Price: $199 for Center Members $259 for Non-Members

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Board Bootcamp

Tuesday, March 27, 2018

“A nonprofit board of directors is responsible for defining the organization’s mission and for providing overall leadership and strategic direction to the organization. A nonprofit board actively sets policy and ensures that the organization has adequate resources to carry out its mission. The board provides direct oversight and direction for the executive director and is responsible for evaluating his/her performance. A nonprofit board also has a responsibility to evaluate its own effectiveness, in upholding the public interest(s) served by the organization.” - Guidelines & Principles for Nonprofit Excellence Nonprofit boards need to strengthen their skills, engagement and leadership to adapt to increasing demands of this rapidly evolving environment. The Board Bootcamp workshop offers essential training for new and experienced board members, providing them with practical information, resources, and tools that they can use right away to further their organizations’ missions. Goals: Knowing what hat you are wearing Adhering to the duties of Care, Loyalty and Obedience Understanding the relationship between the executive director and the board Framework: Determining the mission Establishing the vision and strategic direction Monitoring programs and service delivery Assuring legal and bylaws compliance Overseeing the organization’s finances and protecting its assets Community relations Selecting, supporting and evaluating the executive director Building the competency of the board The facilitator for this workshop is Michael Dozier of Carrington, Holland, & Leigh. CHL is a full service nonprofit firm specializing in helping nonprofit, community-based and faith-based leaders move their organization forward through effective fundraising, planning, management and governance. Price: $69 for Center Members $99 for Non-Members

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Nonprofit Technology Series – Microsoft Excel

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Microsoft's Excel spreadsheet program can benefit nonprofit organizations by helping the organization keep track of funding, donations, contacts and any other data suited to spreadsheet format. This workshop will provide an overview of Excel terms, exercises in navigating some of the more basic functions of the program, and will demonstrate how to access charts and formulas. This workshop will provide an overview of Excel terms, exercises in navigating some of the more basic functions of the program, and will demonstrate how to access charts and formulas. Measure your fundraising campaign Track your donor activity Compare program performance year-over-year You must bring a laptop or tablet with Microsoft Excel version 2010 or later for use in the class. Price: $49 for Center Members $79 for Non-Members

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