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  • Job Description: Catholic Charities, Inc. of the Diocese of Jackson, Mississippi, is seeking an Assistant Director to advance the organization’s efforts “to be a visible sign of Christ’s love for all people”. The Assistant Director will have the advancement opportunity to become the Executive Director within two years.

    Qualifications for this position include a Master’s degree in social work or a related mental health field with 5-7 years of non-profit management experience, preferably in a Catholic social services agency; experience managing a diverse staff and client population; experience in fundraising and finance; outstanding communication and interpersonal skills.

    The position requires a leader to inspire and manage a staff of social service and clinical professionals; oversee the budget and financial affairs; aid in raising funds to maintain and expand services; manage the hiring, training, and evaluation of agency personnel; communicate to the public the services and needs of the organization; report to and collaborate with the Executive Director and the Board of Directors, and consult with the Governance Council. A competitive salary and benefits package is offered.

  • Posted August 1, 2017

  • How to Apply

    Applicants should send a complete resume by August 15, 2017 to the Search Committee Chair at 850 E. River Place, Jackson, MS 39202 or via Catholic Charities is an Equal Opportunity Employer




  • The Greenville Arts Coun cil is an Equal Opportunity Employer. 662-332-2246 www.greenville-arts-coun

  • Job Description: The Greenville Arts Council seeks a vibrant, dynamic and passionate full time executive director
    to lead the organization through continued community outreach, arts education, program
    development, membership retention, gallery exhibitions and more.
    Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director’s (ED) primary responsibilities are to develop and manage community arts programs, staff and volunteers, secure grants and other
    funding, prepare and monitor budgets, be an advocate for art and culture through participation
    with various government and community agencies, and encourage cultural assets in the
    community. The ED shall direct the administrative affairs and programs of the Council, may enter into
    contracts, and do other things necessary and proper to carry out the activities of the Council
    under policies established by the Board of Directors. The ED is the chief officer of the Greenville
    Arts Council and of the E.E. Bass Foundation, reporting to the Board of Directors through the
    Executive Committee. The job responsibilities are based on implementing the missions of both GAC and the Bass Foundation. The Arts in Education Coordinator, additional staff and volunteers report directly to the Executive Director.

    ●Develop and implement effective operating systems to track progress, and regularly
    evaluate programs to measure successes that can be effectively communicated to the
    Board, funders, and other constituents
    ●Develop and promote all aspects of communications—from web and social media
    presence to external relations, with the goal of building awareness of the Arts Council
    and cultural events
    ●Serve as the primary spokesperson for the Arts Council’s programs, activities and events
    in the community
    ●Articulate and com
    municate the value of the arts in improving the quality of life, and
    promote community support of the arts and the Arts Council
    ●Actively seek out new opportunities for bringing the arts to underserved populations,
    including schools, individuals with limited income, youth, disabled and minority populations
    ●Communicate with appropriate government and arts education personnel
    ●Participate in key arts-related associations and organizations
    ●Serve on committees and advisory groups, and speak in public meetings and at
    community events
    ●Supervise website and social media presence and email marketing
    ●Serve as the Arts Council’s chief representative to the funding community, with the
    media, to the local community, and with state and national arts and culture organizations
    ●Develop and maintain positive relationships with local government and school officials,
    business leaders, civic groups, and arts patrons\
    ●Develop and drive an aggressive fundraising strategy – search for opportunities – seek corporate sponsorships, and write grant proposals
    ●Provide active, engaged, and effective leadership to staff, interns, instructors, artists, and
    community cultural organizations
    ●Meet monthly with the Board of Directors – preparing agendas and meeting documents;
    ●Work with the Board and staff to develop and maintain an annual budget
    ●Oversee the management of all funds consistent with the organization’s accounting system – ensuring financial statements are prepared as needed
    ●Manage core programs and operations
    ●Identify and implement approved programs that serve the community
    ●Develop and maintain effective relationships within the community to ensure that the arts
    and cultural activities are represented and positively received
    ●Supervise and manage physical building and surrounding property,including
    maintenance and upkeep of building, rental of facilities, collection of rental proceeds, etc.
    ●Work with Bass Foundation in developing and implementing plan for renovation of
    physical building and surrounding property.

    ●A Bachelor’s degree from an accredited four-year college or university with an emphasis in the area
    of not-for-profit management, museum administration, management, program management,
    marketing, accounting, fund development, or other related field.
    ●Excellent written and verbal communications skills; a persuasive and passionate
    ●Ability to work collaboratively with all sectors of the community, the Board of Directors
    and staff
    ●Strong financial management ability, including budget development and fiscal
    ●Experience and expertise in marketing and public relations, including website
    maintenance and social media
    ●Experience in event planning and execution
    ●Ability to be entrepreneurial and adaptable
    ●Action-oriented and self-directed
    ●Energetic and creative with a positive attitude and strong passion for arts and culture


    Salary: $27,000-$35,000 depending on experience

    Benefits: Professional development,generous paid holidays/time off, an exciting, creative, ever-changing work environment, excellent opportunity to truly impact the community by contributing
    ​to the economic development and cultural revitalization of the Washington County area

  • Posted September 18, 2017

  • How to Apply

    Interested candidates should submit cover letter, current resume, and reference list to the Board of Directors via mail at 323 South Main Street, Greenville, MS 38701 or fax to 662-332-9290

  • Executive Director

  • Freedom Project Network

  • Job Description: Reporting to the Board of Directors, the Executive Director’s primary responsibility is to raise financial resources for the Freedom Project Network:

    ● Develop a strong fundraising plan and work with the Board of Directors to build an annual revenue target of 500K within 2 years.
    ● Plan and coordinate all fundraising operations including major gifts stewardship, direct mail campaigns, and fundraising events.
    ● Research, identify, and solicit grants. Develop and maintain relationships with grantmakers through timely reporting and engagement around the FPN’s mission.
    ● Develop and maintain a donor data system and acknowledgement process.
    ● Create and manage the Network’s budget.
    ● Assist local fundraising efforts at each site, including helping create promotional materials.

    Programmatic and fiduciary responsibilities of each Freedom Project site are the domain of the site director and their board. However, the Freedom Project Network Executive Director will assist in network facilitation and evaluation:

    ● Assist with the Network annual site reviews in collaboration with the site board rep and site director.
    ● Develop network-wide data collection strategies, systems, and provide technical assistance to sites.
    ● Analyze opportunities for expansion and assist with the development of new Freedom Project sites.

    The Freedom Project Network seeks an exceptional, highly-motivated candidate with these qualifications and attributes.
    ● Embrace FPN’s mission thoroughly and effectively communicate it to external constituencies.
    ● 3-5 years of broad-based development experience and documented success running a development program, including grant writing, small and large gift campaigns, special events, and board/volunteer development.
    ● Knowledge concerning the educational philanthropic community and foundations in Mississippi and nationally.
    ● Exceptional written and oral communication skills, including the ability to successfully communicate through presentations to large and small groups.
    ● Experience using a contact management system.
    ● A bachelor's degree is required.
    ● Flexibility to travel as necessary and work evenings/weekends when required.

    ● Hands-on professional who has developed, or who has the potential to build a successful fund development program from the floor up.
    ● Must be a self-starter with the ability to work independently.
    ● Team builder and leader with strong interpersonal skills.
    ● Ability to plan, organize and implement a variety of projects, sometimes simultaneously and under deadline pressure, while maintaining the integrity and quality of each project.
    ● Creativity, vision, charisma, responsiveness, good listening skills, flexibility, loyalty, compassion, patience, and trustworthiness.
    ● Successful candidate will be well organized, self-motivated, and confident.

    Competitive and commensurate with experience, with the possibility of incentive pay.

    Flexible Work Arrangement:
    The FPN Executive Director will be able to work from home (preference for people living in Mississippi or contiguous states), or if desired, can have an office at any of the current Freedom Project sites.

    Freedom Projects are creating a corps of academically capable, socially conscious, and mentally disciplined young leaders in Mississippi. Since the first one launched in the Mississippi Delta in 1998, Freedom Projects have used the history of the civil rights movement to educate and empower students to achieve their goal of attaining a college education. Currently, we serve students in Sunflower County, Meridian, and Rosedale.

    Founded in 2016 in response to the addition of new Freedom Projects around Mississippi, the mission of the Freedom Project Network (FPN) is to strengthen, fund, and unite the individual sites so that we may provide more students with educational opportunities. We envision the Network connecting each independent Freedom Project to resources and knowledge that will improve programming and student outcomes. The FPN seeks a founding Executive Director to lead the organization, build capacity, and create effective strategies towards achieving our mission.

  • Posted October 3, 2017

  • How to Apply

    Send your resume, cover letter, three references, and a pdf of two writing samples (grant proposals or reports) to


  • Executive Director

  • Red Mountain Park

  • Job Description: General Position Description: Determines, with the Commissioners, the Park’s policies, strategies, and operating culture. Working under the general oversight of the Commissioners, the Executive Director is charged with providing leadership, long term strategic planning, programming and managerial oversight of the administrative, programming, financial, and facilities and fulfilling the objectives and mission of Red Mountain Park.

    Essential Functions/Major Responsibilities
    1. Vision and Mission: With input from the staff and the Commission, fosters development of the RMP’s vision, mission and objectives; provides clear direction and priorities; and clarifies roles and responsibilities through the creation of short and long term goals. The process includes the consideration of internal and external factors, resources needed versus resources available, and the needs of the Commission, the community and the customers served. Must be adaptable to changing requirements and needs as the organization continues to mature.
    2. Provides successful long term operational efficiency through the creation, continuous development, and implementation of operational processes and controls for all aspects of the organization that allow the organization to grow and permits the growth of the employees of the organization. Operational processes include accounting; human resources; facilities, equipment and park maintenance; programs; community/public relations; marketing; security; natural resources; education; volunteers; and development/philanthropy. The management process includes the development of realistic action plans for each element to include developing standards for quality, and resource requirements.
    3. Fiscal Responsibility: Responsible for the financial condition of Red Mountain Park and for managing and analyzing the financial status of the Park. Anticipates and/or recognizes changing conditions and acts decisively to ensure that financial management needs are adequately addressed. Responsible for determining current financial needs, developing and managing budgets and for long term planning. Monitors income and expenditures, oversees and enhances earned income opportunities, and oversees the efforts of the philanthropy department. Executive Director must devote a minimum of 35% of his/her time to developing and managing capital fundraising, to include overseeing all aspects of fund generation and stewardship, private –source fundraising , grant writing and sponsorships. The Executive Director must work to coordinate fund raising activities with the Commission, the Red Mountain Fund Board and the Junior Board. All fundraising activities must be coordinated with the annual plan, the budget, and the overall strategic plan.
    4. Drafts policies for the approval of the Commission and prepares procedures to implement the policies; reviews all existing policies on an annual basis and recommends changes as appropriate. Responsible for changing and updating the Red Mountain Park Personnel Manual, with staff input, on an annual basis. Orients and cultivates new Commission and Fund Board members, encouraging active participation in Red Mountain Park activities. Identifies, assesses, and informs the Commission of internal and external issues that affect the park organization.
    5. Determines staffing requirements for organizational management and program delivery. Oversees the implementation of human resources policies, practices and procedures, including the updating of the RMP Personnel Manual and job descriptions for all staff members. Establishes a positive, healthy and safe work environment in accordance with all regulations. Recruits, interviews and selects staff that have the correct technical and personal abilities needed to further the RMP mission. Ensures that all staff receive an orientation about RMP and are fully aware of the RMP safety program. Implements a performance management system/program for all staff members which includes monitoring performance on an on-going basis, conducting regularly scheduled quarterly reviews and an annual performance and pay review. Coaches, mentors, counsels, and disciplines staff as required in accordance with appropriate regulations and guidelines.
    6. Identifies and evaluates risks to the organizations resources including people (clients, staff, management, visitors and volunteers), property, finances, goodwill and image and implements measures to control risks. Ensures that RMP property and facilities are properly maintained to preclude accidents. Develops, implements and trains staff on workplace safety measures and emergency procedures. Ensures that the Commission, Fund Board and the organization carry appropriate and adequate insurance coverage.
    7. Understands and recognizes the importance of relationships to the fulfillment of the RMP mission, in particular as they relate to funding support, grants, collaborative efforts, and the creation of a sense of connection to RMP. Identifies and cultivates important state, local and regional relationships with key businesses, individuals, economic development agencies, cultural institutions, other parks, tourism agencies, civic, historical, educational school systems and agencies and community groups. Ensures that RMP’s reputation and service to the public are of the highest quality. Responsible for staying informed about all aspects of the workings regarding public/private initiatives.

    Job Scope:
    1. Responsible for RMP’s physical, human, and financial resources, its programs, and future growth and development as a park facility and historic destination.
    2. Responsible for budget preparation and compliance accountability for an annual operating budget of approximately $1.8 million
    3. Accountable for the control, maintenance and functionality of RMP”s capital assets worth approximately $15 million. Responsible for the short range maintenance of all facilities and long range capital planning.
    4. Responsible for long range operational planning and strategic planning.
    5. Responsible for planning and prioritizing annual capital improvement projects.
    6. Total supervisory responsibility for all personnel and, either directly or indirectly, for all contracted services
    7. Interpersonal contacts: Has frequent contact with others both inside and outside the organization. The most common internal contact is with staff, interns, Commissioners, Fund Board members, and volunteers. The most frequent external contacts are with customers, potential business and individual donors, government officials and other park directors. Many contacts, especially those related to charitable donations, are made through the Executive Director’s own initiative and though referrals from the Philanthropy Department, Commission and Fund Board members. Approximately 35% of the Executive Director’s time is dedicated to fund raising in its various forms.

    Specific Job Skills
    1. Excellent supervision /managerial skills.
    2. Excellent interpersonal and communication skills, including the ability to communicate effectively in groups and in one-on-one conversations through written and verbal communication methods.
    3. A detailed understanding of financial matters to include, accrual and cash accounting, cash flow, and budgeting processes/procedures. Must understand capital project funding and requirements to meet the requirements of all donors. Must also be able to understand and manage a membership plan for the RMP.
    4. RMP is a business and the Executive Director must understand business practices, how to manage all aspects of business, and maintain a positive cash flow.
    5. Mental ability to conduct on-going interpersonal interactions, as well as the capability to analyze and solve complex problems.
    6. Ability to conceptualize, strategize, and set and achieve goals/objectives with minimum supervision.
    7. Ability to prioritize and work on multiple projects despite frequent interruptions. Ability to direct and motivate team development and team oriented processes.
    8. Current knowledge of Federal, State and local regulations and requirements related to fire, police, ADA, taxation, health services, the Alabama Retirement System and safety as they apply to employees and public facilities.
    9. Understand the requirements and regulations as they pertain to the functioning and operation of an Alabama State Agency.
    10. Dynamic, energetic, and collaborative leader committed to serving a diverse group of people. Personable, diplomatic and social individual with the capability to make presentations on behalf of RMP to a variety of constituencies.
    11. Ability to interface with the public, media, and governmental officials.
    12. Physical ability to use the computer/hardware/software, and office equipment and furniture.

    Job Conditions:
    This position requires the incumbent to work in an environment where there may be occasional exposure to fumes, building temperature fluctuations, dust, noise and chemicals. As RMP is an outdoor operation incumbent can expect to be exposed to all insects, animals, and plant life expected to be found in a 1500 acre park. Other working conditions may include frequent interruptions, working alone, working evenings and weekends and working long hours during peak periods.

    Education and/or experience:

    1. No less than seven (7) years of senior management experience in a business or non-profit with demonstrated operational fiscal management experience. Must understand managing multiple financial streams.
    2. Minimum of five years’ experience managing a staff of at least ten (10) employees.
    3. Experience working in a public/private facility preferred.
    4. Minimum Master’s Degree: MBA preferred

  • Posted October 24, 2017

  • How to Apply

    Email cover letter and resume to, with the subject, “RMP E.D. Applicant.”


  • Executive Director

  • Community Foundation of East Mississippi

  • Job Description: Job Qualifications: Three to five years’ experience in management and leadership, non-profit
    organization preferred; emphasis on planning, development and fundraising. Demonstrated
    accomplishments in working with board, staff and clients toward shared goals. Strong interpersonal and communication skills; disciplined self-starter, able to establish and meet goals and deadlines. Passionate about community betterment, able to see the large picture and integrate with personal, civic, corporate and governmental entities and resources. Demonstrate understanding of business principles, regulations and taxation applied to non-profit enterprises and donors.

    Background and Responsibilities: The Community Foundation of East Mississippi is a nonprofit foundation, created by and for the people of East Mississippi. The Foundation assists donors in establishing both permanent and temporary funds that reflect philanthropic interests and needs which will make a positive impact on our community.
    The Executive Director is a key role in the success of the organization and is responsible for development and growth of the Foundation. The position also includes working with and growing the funds of the Foundation which includes all types of charitable funds including endowments, program, donor-advised, agency and more. A key goal of the Foundation and the ED is the raising of contributions to endow the operating fund of the Foundation, thereby allowing all other charitable resources of the Foundation to go directly to specific community needs.
    The ED duties will include hiring, supporting and evaluating staff; working with the Board of Directors to develop and execute strategic plans; executing and operating within policies, procedures and budgets approved by the board; and oversight of the compliance of the Foundation. The Foundation has an experienced Office Manager and accountant (CPA); the ED will oversee operational activities and assist on an as-needed basis.

    Open until position is filled.

  • Posted November 20, 2017

  • Undergraduate degree from a four-year college or university, graduate degree preferred.

  • How to Apply

    Please send a letter of interest, resume and references to: Kim Waters, Chairperson Community Foundation of East Mississippi P. O. Box 865 Meridian, MS 39302-0865 or email to: